Landoll's Mohican Castle

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Resident Art Program

Noah Schenk, resident artist at the Castle

Noah Schenk

Noah Schenk is the full time resident artist at Landoll’s Mohican Castle. He works with a wide variety of materials to make sculptures, drawings and paintings. Noah has a Master’s Degree in Visual Art and has shown his artwork around the globe; most recently at the National Art Museum of China. He has spent the last 10 years teaching people of all experience levels how to make Art. Email for booking information.

Menu of Services

Build a Birdhouse

Treat your backyard buddies to a castle of their own. Construct your very own castle birdhouse by spending an hour learning how to properly build a birdhouse to attract some of your favorite feathered friends. Each attendee will leave with one birdhouse.

Retail $45.00

Felted Wool Dryer Ball

Learn to take old sweaters and wool yarn scraps and turn them into dryer balls. Dryer balls cut down on laundry drying time while naturally reducing static and softening clothes. Each attendee will make three dryer balls.

Retail $25.00

Hammered Plant Art Print

Learn about the local foliage of the Castle while composing a one of a kind piece of art using local plants and flowers, hammered onto high quality paper to extract the natural colors. Each attendee will make a one of a kind art print.

Retail $35.00

Repurposed Picture Frame Class

In this class, students will start by choosing a secondhand frame and then learn all the techniques necessary to fix and refinish their frame. Lastly, they will choose a complementary photograph of Landoll’s Mohican Castle to fill out their newly revived masterpiece.

Retail $25.00

Make your own Lip Balm

During this class, students will learn how to make their own lip balm while using only natural ingredients and essential oils. Attendees will then make their own custom labels and leave with four lip balms for themselves or to use as gifts.

Retail $25.00

Seasonal Offerings

Create your own Holiday Ornament


Learn the history of the modern ornament while working with our resident artist to create a one of a kind holiday ornament. Start a new family tradition with your very own masterpiece.

Retail $30.00

Pumpkin Canvas Class

October Only

Carve a pumpkin with Resident Artist Noah Schenk in his studio. This mixed medium can be fun and is a great option for the kid in all of us. Add a light when you get home and remember the unique experience at the castle in Ohio!

Retail $25.00

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