Current Beer List

Current Beer List 


Phoenix Brewing Company Red Band American Lager 5%ABV—
A classic American lager, brewed with Pilsen malt and flaked corn for a clean, crisp and refreshing beer.

Millersburg Brewing Company Blonde Ale 5.5%ABV—
Pilsner and Munich malts with German hops. A light crisp and refreshing beer.

Jackie O’s Razz Wheat 5.5%ABV-
Natural raspberry puree is added during fermentation giving this beer a sour sweetness held together by a wheat back bone.

Fathead’s Bumbleberry 5.3%ABV—
This ale is brewed with fresh harvested spring honey and infused with blueberries. A light, refreshing ale with blueberry, malt and a hint of sweetness.

Bottles and Cans


Bud Light 4.2%ABV–
A light beer with 110 calories.

Budweiser 5%ABV–
Medium-bodied, American-style lager.

Miller Lite 4.2%ABV—
A light beer with 96 calories.

Yuengling 4.5%ABV–
Medium bodied flavor with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness.

Michelob Ultra 4.2%ABV–
A light beer containing only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs.

Goose Island IPA 5.9%ABV–
Bright citrus with grapefruit, pine, and floral notes.

Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat 5.2%–
A wheat ale with tangerine flavors.

Ciderboys Peach County 5.0%ABV—
A refreshing cider with the perfect amount of fresh peach added to it! Only available March— August!

Mighty Swell 5.0%ABV—
A gluten free, low carb seltzer! It is made with natural ingredients making this a refreshing drink for summer time! Ask your server for current flavors.


Stella Artois 4.8%ABV–
Belgian Lager.

Stella Cidre 4.5%–
Dry European style hard cider.

Hofbrau Dunkel 5.5%ABV–
Munich style dark beer.

Hofbrau Hefe Weizen 5.1%ABV–
German style wheat beer.

Guinness 4.2%ABV–
Irish stout beer.

Local Craft Brews

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold 5.8%ABV–
A smooth, German style lager.

Phoenix Brewing Company Rooftop Bohemian Lager 4.8%ABV—
A traditional Bohemian style lager with slightly sweet and biscuit like malt character. Low hops make this easy drinking lager perfect for hot summer days and expansive views.

Phoenix Brewing Company Krampus Kandy 6.8%ABV–
A coffee white stout, brewed with cocoa nibs and Relax Grog.

Phoenix Brewing Company Jane Doe 4.8% ABV–
A refreshing natural raspberry flavor in a wheat ale with just a hint of malt sweetness, ripe with all natural raspberry goodness!

Phoenix Brewing Company Cyclops 7%ABV—
A milkshake IPA that is creamy, hazy, fruity and hoppy! Brewed with lactose, oats, and malted wheat; infused with blackberry and vanilla.

Phoenix Brewing Company Ferryman 7.2%ABV—
An oatmeal milk stout with orange and chocolate. This brew features roasted malts, flaked oats and lactose sugars combined with orange and chocolate to make this dark, creamy and rich milk stout.

Phoenix Brewing Company Danger City Brown Ale 5.2%ABV—
Brewed with American 2-Row Barley and Chocolate Malts for Bold notes of toffee, caramel, and roast. the Danger city pours a dark brown color and Finishes with light fruit notes from English yeast.

Catawba Island Brewing Company Hot Blonde 4.7%ABV–
A crisp, blonde ale brewed with mango and a hint of habanero.

Catawba Island Brewing Company Seiche 7%ABV–
Scottish ale with a sweet caramel and nutty aroma.

Catawba Island Brewing Company Water Spout 6.5%ABV–
Oatmeal stout brewed with cocoa nibs and Hylander Grogg coffee.

Catawba Island Brewing Company Lake Erie Love 5%ABV–
American style Kolsch that is light, balanced and refreshing.

Catawba Island Brewing Company Walleye-PA 5.5%ABV—
A session IPA with hints of citrusy hops, honey and refreshing sweet grapefruit.

Millersburg Brewing Company French Ridge IPA 7.5%ABV–
West coast style IPA with citrus , pine and passion fruit aroma.

Millersburg Brewing Company Nuthouse Peanut Butter Porter 6.25%ABV–
No peanuts used but, if you like peanut butter you will like this beer.

Millersburg Brewing Company Blonde Ale 5.5% ABV–
Pilsner and Munich malts with German hops. A light crisp and refreshing beer.

Updated 24 June 2021