Dinner & Comedy

Dinner & Comedy at Castle
Saturday, March 23rd 2019
Castle Dinner & Comedy Club – PG17 – Doors open at 6:15PM – Dinner served at 6:30PM – Comedy from 7:30 to 9:00
For tickets please call 419 994-3427 or Click Here

Tickets are $29.99 + tax & tip
Dinner will be a mixed greens salad with housemade Italian dressing. Braised beef short ribs, marinated chicken breast w/roasted red pepper cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, & chef’s choice of vegetable.

*A vegan and gluten free option will be available by notifying us when your make your purchase.

Headliner: Bil Benden

As soon as Bil hits the stage you know that you’re in for one entertaining and fun show. He grabs the audience by the hand and takes them with him, as he tries to figure out just when he stopped being a fun guy and became a dad. Bil realizes that a lot more has changed than just the hairline and the waist line. He lets us in on all the not ready for prime time moments of family life that we’re not going to see on TV any time soon. The show is a no holds barred look at just how fatherhood took this first class, grade A slacker to the “I didn’t work 65 hours this week for you to ask for twenty dollars” guy that he is now. He is no less intense with his outlook on just what 15 years of marriage has taught him about both men and women, and the joys of co-habitation in modern day America. From childhood to parent hood and all the creamy, fluffy filling in between, the audience experiences all through the eyes, ears and throat of this gifted storyteller.

Credits: Evening At The Improv, Comedy Central, and NBC