Dinner with Psychic Medium Beth Deering

DATE: January 26, 2024
LOCATION: The Marta Louise Ballroom on the castle grounds

Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s dinner with Psychic Medium Beth Deering.

About this event

Tickets are $60-95

Where: The Marta Louise Ballroom on the castle grounds

When: Friday January 26,2024


Doors open: 6:00PM SHARP

Dinner served: 6:30PM

Readings: 6:30PM-7:30PM

Biography of Professional Psychic Medium Beth Deering

Beth Deering is a world-renowned professional psychic medium, medical intuitive and paranormal investigator from Newark, Ohio.

Gifted at birth, by the time she was 3 years old unexplainable things were happening around her, and by the age of 7 she had her first full paranormal experience in Gettysburg, P.A. at the Jennie Wade home.

During her pre-teen years, she was hearing, feeling and seeing apparitions and receiving messages from the other side.

She has helped assist law enforcement with cold case homicides and missing persons.

She is sought to help the grieving, and those who have been through traumatic experiences including PTSD and survivor’s guilt.

Dubbed the medium to the military her clients also include veterans, first responders, and those who struggle with drugs, and alcohol dependency and more.

By giving back to the community and serving others as a healer she uses her abilities to counsel and work with first responders and veterans that are trying to cope with PTSD, trauma, and those that are struggling with drug and alcohol by getting to the core of the matter, as to why the behavior and addiction exists.

She is also a published author, and radio personality available for personal appearances, gallery (theater engagements), private and personal group readings, and has done charity and fundraising events.

Through her work as a professional psychic medium Beth has had the pleasure of meeting her role model Professional psychic medium John Edwards on more than one occasion and received readings to validate her connection to the other side.

As a radio personality it has afforded her the opportunity of being a guest on several shows and has co-hosted and interviewed well know paranormal personalities including Steve DiShiavi of the hit television series The Dead Files.

Her history of powerful examples of personal and group readings causes wonder of the afterlife and she considers her work a matter of importance, and feels she has an obligation to those who are grieving.

*We have reduced the number of tickets available for this event from years past, buy your tickets early as we will sell out fast!

**A vegan and gluten free option will be available by notifying us when your make your purchase.

***This event takes place in the Marta Louise Ballroom, not in the castle. The castle is made up of 11 hotel suites and a public observation tower.

****Not all guests will receive a personal reading