It started with a dream and a love of European castles. During a two-year tour in Europe, now retired Army Veteran, Jim Landoll vowed to himself that if he ever made enough money, in his life, he would build a castle in America. But before he could start on a castle, this young entrepreneur had other plans.

With only $5.00 in his pocket, he founded The Landoll Publishing Company in the early 1970’s. With help from his wife, Marta, and her brother, Marty, 1996 business sales were $100 million and considered to be the second largest printer and publisher of children’s books in America. The company employed over 1,000 people. In 1997, The Landoll Publishing Company was sold and thus began the construction and realization of Landoll’s Mohican Castle.

Originally, the castle was going to be an elaborate barn that looked like a castle. Late 1999, Marta convinced her husband to turn the castle into a hotel. Jim and Marta wanted to share this dream with the world. With no floor plans or blueprints, Landoll’s Mohican Castle was literally created one room at a time.

In the mid 1990’s there was a terrible storm. Many trees had fallen during this storm. The Ross Suite became a sawmill and all the castle’s hardwood flooring, trim, cabinetry, and doors were milled from trees on the property. Even the stone, on the castle, came from stone piles on the property, cleared by the earliest settlers of the area.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle opened, to the public in 2002. Sitting on 30 acres, the castle sits at 1,200 feet. Technically, it is a mountain.

Jim Landoll, officially retired from the castle in 2007. Marta has taken over and has been in charge ever since. Jimmy Landoll, their son, took over as general manager in 2015. Marta is now the Chief Financial Officer.

In the summer of 2015, the producers of Gordon Ramsay’s TV shows reached out to the Landoll family asking them to be part of one of Gordon’s shows “Hotel Hell.” While reluctant about participating, Gordon and his team spent 10 days putting everyone through the wringer. (Gordon stay in Suite 9, the Thering Suite.) Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s episode was the season finale and viewed by over 20 million people.

Since the show aired in 2016, the castle is doing better than ever. Landoll’s Mohican Castle is quick to credit Gordon and his team for the turn around. Gordon Ramsay, called general manager Jimmy Landoll, after the show and told him that Landoll’s Mohican Castle is the poster child of why he continues to do these shows. Gordon continues to check in with Jimmy and has promised to return.

Landoll Mohican Castle’s story continues. Groundbreaking began in December 2017, for The Stables. The Stable Suites officially opened in August of 2018, adding 14 additional guest suites.